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Ten questions to ask when considering a security company.


1. Do I own the system or is it a lease?     

A: All pricing is for you to own your system the way it should be.


2. What are the monthly monitoring fees? How long is the term of the service/monitoring contract?     

A: Standard monitoring is $14.95/ month or $179.40/year.  Each contract is for an initial term of 1- 3 years and automatically renews for 1-year periods.


3. What is the term of the warranty?  What does it cover?     

A: We warranty our work for 1-year which covers all parts and labor during normal business hours.


4. What is the hourly rate for service?  What are the hours of operation?

A: $52/hour.  Normal business hours are 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri, we do provide 24-hour service 7 days a week.


5. Is the central station that is monitoring your system have a backup location in case of a disaster or an evacuation at the primary site? Is It U.L Listed?

A: Yes, The central station that we are involved with has all information and services can be transferred during a disaster without missing a beat and is a U.L. Listed Central Station.


6. Does the system report daily tests to a central station? Why do I need it? At what additional cost?     

A: Yes, this is a programming feature, that allows the system to “check in” testing the communications with a central station daily to verify that signals can be sent in the event of an emergency at a cost of $2.95/month.


7. What happens if the phone line is cut?  What are my alternative choices?

A: If the phone line is cut the panel has no means to communicate the signals it is trying to send to a central station to dispatch the fire or police assistance. We have systems that are totally wireless and do not need to have a phone line.


8. Where are the “brains” of the system located? Is it secure at that location?     

A: Most of our systems are mounted in the basement or in a closet out of sight, other alarm companies are selling “quick” systems where the units are located next to the entry door for easy access to you and easy for a burglar to destroy or remove.


9. Is each security device on an independent zone to reduce or eliminate the potential for false alarms?  Is the system expandable?     

A: Yes, If you were to have a group of windows on one zone and it set off a false alarm, would you know which individual window it was?  How much have you saved when you are paying the false alarm fine, having to bypass that side of the building leaving your building unprotected or paying a service technician to locate that one window within an entire group. Yes, all of are systems we install are expandable we do try to size your system to your current needs and future demands.


10. How many years of experience and/or training does a technician installing/servicing my system have?    

A:  All personnel have a minimum of 3 years experience with others having more than 10 years, with factory training, NAAA certified, AFAA trained and an understanding of NFPA 72 standards.


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