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Building a home?


If you are building a new home, you are aware of the constant demands on your Time, Money, Realtor or Builder.  3T Security offers several tips to help make your building experience a favorable one.


Tip #1: Install a conduit pipe from unfinished basement to attic for wiring of current or future technologies that you may have overlooked.


Tip #2: Wire your home with Category 5e wiring for high speed Internet access, telephones and computer networking. Make sure the installer is fully trained in using Category 5e.


Tip #3: Install additional non-GFCI duplex electrical outlets in the unfinished area of your basement. These outlets can be used for powering your home security, home theater, central vacuum and even camera system.


Tip #4: Under any concrete walks or driveways install a conduit across it before concrete is poured or asphalt is laid. This allows wires to be run easily from one side to the other. These pipes can be used for landscape lighting or outdoor security.


Tip #5: Install an electrical outlet on each side of your home and have a switch installed in a closet to turn the outlets on of off. These outlets can be used for holiday lighting. If your home is automated, the switch can be controlled by time or an event.


Tip #6: It is now recommended that you have both cable and telephone wiring to all televisions. There are many services that require both.


Tip #7: Pre-wire your home for security, home automation, stereo speakers and networking. This pre-wiring can save you trouble, money and time in the future. If you are not into the technologies yourself, when you sell your home the potential buyer will be, adding value.


Tip #8: Drill your foundation for your phone service provider. The phone company will install your interface phone box on the inside of your home. It is harder for a would-be criminal to cut your phone service. It is also recommended that you invest in a security company that offers backup telephone services.


Tip #9: Finishing the basement, remember any wiring or technology that you want in the rest of the house should be considered before sheet rocking the basement ceiling. Also , a pipe or wire chase from one unfinished area in the basement to other unfinished sections can be useful.


Tip #10: Invest in photo-electric smoke detection sensors. Most detectors that are installed in a home are Ionization detectors and have a life span of ten years and are designed to pick up a fast fire. Smoldering fires are more common in homes, and photoelectric detectors are designed for such a fire.


Tip #11: Your insurance carrier will usually give a discount upwards of 20% on your premiums for a security/fire system. Labor savings at time of new construction can be as much as 50%. Be sure you own the system and can switch services without penalty.



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