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The alarm industry has made many changes in the last several years. One change has been the introduction of mass marketing of security systems. Their primary goal is getting you to pay for an extended monitoring agreement. The second change is false alarms. The increase in security and mass marketing has driven up the level of false alarms. You may have heard the advertisements of a “basic” packaged system. Typically these systems consist of a non-expandable control panel, standard keypad, motion sensor and two door contacts. Sounds pretty good, right? But if you have the need for more security? The cost of additional security can be high. Surveys have indicated that the average security system costs between $1400 and $1750. Checkout our comparing systems section.


So, what is the catch? Consider this! You may not own the system that you have just paid for. You also may be required to sign a long-term contract for monitoring service that is higher than the average competitive rates. The warranty may be as short as 90 days and you probably will be asked to subscribe to a warranty agreement for as much as $8 more per month, which brings your monthly service to over $30/month. Finally, you may be agreeing to give up your leverage as a consumer or change services if dissatisfied or if someone offers a better service. We have seen this so many times and not being able to help them.


Still not concerned? Then let us address the second change, false alarms. A system that is basic in quality and design that is marketed as a one-size-fits-all system has a greater potential for false alarms. Frequently these systems are installed on a subcontractor basis to keep costs down. The installer may not even have a security background check.


Would you agree that a one-size-fits-all system could potentially have greater false alarm potential. We owe it to our men and women in blue to keep false alarm rates low and be a responsible partner in keeping the use of community resources from chasing false alarms. Finally, a would be burglar figures out the system offered and then starts approaching these systems because they are similar in every home. Once a criminal knows the level of security the rest may come more easily to a burglar. There are a few good alarm companies in the Lancaster/Lebanon Area. Be certain you know what level of security, service, and quality you are getting into before you sign any paperwork. 3T Security has a different approach to security protection. Each system is designed to the individual’s needs and security concerns. This drastically reduces false alarms and the potential for a burglar guessing your security. We also know that your lifestyle changes, and that the system you have today may need to change with your family’s needs. That is why we offer expandable systems. 3T Security offers a variety of systems to fit all lifestyles. The recommendations of security are not made until we determine your concerns. A survey of the property that you are trying to protect is also an essential requirement of any security system. How many people will be using the system? Children? Is the security concern personal safety or property, or both? Are there pets in the home? Are phone lines exposed? Level of fire protection? Only then can we make recommendations and give you a security system that gives you the peace of mind you deserve.



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