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What is a "Prewire"?


Have you ever driven in a new development with the large expensive homes and wondered if the black cable stapled up the outside of the home to the satellite dish was a new trendy design?  Not only is the black cable NOT a trendy design, it is an eyesore and will eventually need to be replaced because it is exposed to the elements.  How can this be avoided?  The answer is:  By prewiring!


What is a prewire?  A prewire is a term used loosely as running wires in a new construction environment before sheetrock is installed.  The most common types of prewiring are for security, fire protection, phone, computer/networking and cable.  Many professional installation companies run all the wires back to a central location either plywood or a technology enclosure with each wire marked numerically to identify it.  A homeowner is provided a list for their records.


The benefits of prewire.  The few dollars spent prewiring the home will help resale value or future homeowner additions.  Adding that cable outlet in the kitchen or that network jack in the spare room after the walls are closed up could cost you as much as an entire prewire job.


What to look for.  Look for a quality company that has a reputation for doing things right at a fair price, beware of that to low to be true price.  Remember, black cable is ugly stapled up to the outside of your new home.


Structured Wiring


“Structured wiring has become all the rage in the new-home construction”


This is great news, isn’t it? Here to help you sort out what exactly it means.


Fifty years ago, indoor plumbing was considered a luxury in some homes. Many years later the microwave was introduced and considered an upgrade in many new homes. Now a new home must be ready for the technologies of today and tomorrow.


Structured wiring consists of bundles of two category-5E unshielded twisted-pair cables and two RG6 coaxial cables … ran in a star configuration to a common hub and ran to each information port located in individual rooms. (That helps right?)


Bottom line, Structured wiring is high-performance wires and cables that are run in your home. Communication lines for audio, video, data, home entertainment, cameras, intercom, fire, security … anything that is considered low voltage or takes up bandwidth. Think of it as “the electronic foundation for your home”.


If you are building a new home or remodeling your existing, KEEP THE FUTURE IN MIND! “Structured Wiring” is a concept that anticipates the present and future electronic needs for every room of your household. Some call it “Future Proofing” or “Smart Wiring” your home.


We recommend you plan ahead with your builder/remodeler and make sure the appropriate wires are run throughout your home in preparation for current and future technologies, even if you don’t want to spend the money on the actual devices until later. It is much easier (and less expensive) to pull wires when walls are OPEN.


Cat 5e wiring (high speed data wiring) should be considered if you are interested in data and networking. We all know the Internet has now become a “necessity” in most homes. People are now creating local area networks (LAN) with computers in each room while sharing files and printers.


In a structured home you have the ability to watch the same DVD from anywhere in the home and control it, be able to see who is at the door or check in on the nursery while watching the TV. Watch from work that your kid gets home safely especially if they are coming home to an empty house. Changes are simple, by moving a plug in the structured wiring enclosure you can change that phone port to a network port in the spare bedroom for your home office.


In a non structured home you need to convert that same spare bedroom to a home office but you only have a phone jack, so you call on your local electrician or friend only to find out that the wire goes outside to the phonebox and not to your network hub which is in the family room so you run a new wire crawling around in the attic drilling holes etc. and a couple of hundred dollars later. Some of you may be thinking just go wireless. Wireless is not a secure connection and the transmission rate is up to 6x slower than a direct wired port and the added expense of more equipment.


In a structured home, you purchase a cable/satellite service that requires a phone line connection you go to your structured wiring enclosure find the wire to the entertainment center and plug in the cable to the phone module your ready to watch TV.


In a non structured home the closest phone jack is on the other side of the living room and the phonebox is mounted outside in the garage area that is now dry walled. So you call your local electrician or friend and run a wire from the cable/satellite box to a phone line, couple hours later and a few dollars shorter and after cleaning up the mess your ready to watch TV.


Would you build your home without indoor plumbing or a microwave? Even if you are not interested in these technologies now you may change your mind or need them for resale in the future.



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